We are actively involved in advocating for the recognition, support, and promotion of biopesticides and other environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional chemical pesticides


The efficiency of biocontrol largely depends on proper use. At IBMA Kenya, our training programs are tailormade for both producers and end users of biocontrol products.


As an authority in the biopesticides space, IBMA provides expert advice and guidance on: development, registration and use of biopesticides.

About us

Integrated Biopesticides Manufacturers Association of Kenya (IBMA-Kenya) is a non-profit
brainchild of the four leading producers of biological control products in Kenya (The Real IPM (K) Ltd, Koppert Biologicals, Dudutech Integrated Pest Management Ltd, and Elepant Vert Kenya) primarily to promote and advocate the use of biologicals in integrated crop protection, organic farming, and public hygiene.

Born from the larger IBMA Global, IBMA-Kenya endeavors to provide localized awareness and advocacy on the importance of Integrated Pest Management as well as increased adoption of Biocontrol products in the horticultural space.

We represent manufacturers, distributors, and growers of Biocontrol solutions and products that are environmentally safe, and harnessed, or harvested from nature.
Green biocontrol tools protect the crops and environment presently and most importantly in the future, and should be the first measure considered for preventative and curative control of pests and diseases sustainably.


To advocate and promote innovative and effective crop management tools to better health of the people and the planet by providing safe agricultural inputs.


To ensure adoption of bio-intensive crop management programs through innovative farming solutions developed in partnership with growers for growers.

Founding Members

Real IPM


Elephant Vert